Family queries

June 2016/Updated December 2016: This new section has been delayed by a death in my family, and all that entails, but has not been abandoned. Here, I will collect comments and queries from readers seeking information about their Magruder/McGruder ancestry. At the moment, these are scattered throughout the site, wherever a comment happened to be posted. I hope collecting them under one umbrella will make it easier for you to find each other, and for me to make connections when I receive later queries.

Once this section has been constructed, you will find pages here where you can post your queries directly.

You may also send queries to me by private email, via the Contact tab. Information sent privately will remain private unless you give me specific permission to post something about it.

Please note that this is not primarily a genealogy site, nor am I a genealogist. I’m happy to make general suggestions as to how you might research your line, or (with permission from both parties) to put you in touch with anyone I know about who seems to be related; but there is no space here for an ongoing genealogical forum. I will do my best to follow up on private messages, comparing your questions to info I have on hand, but I have neither the time nor the qualifications to research for you.

Links in the sidebar will take you to Magruder pages on a number of genealogy sites. Though you can’t assume all family lines posted there are accurate–the person who posted them may not know any more than you do–you can use them as a place to begin. Check to see if sources are cited, and check the quality of the sources. If citation is sloppy or absent, or if the sources look like they could be just another form of hearsay, go straight to primary sources, such as census, marriage and death records, military records, manumission records, Freedman’s Bureau, land records, tax records, court records, and newspaper archives.

  • I particularly recommend that you join the Magruder/McGruder Family Genealogy Group on Facebook, where you can find friends and get some help and advice.

If you are an African American Magruder or McGruder (or Mcgruda, McGruta, etc.), or descended from a family with a different name who was or may have been enslaved by white Magruders/McGruders, I recommend the African American Magruder Facebook Group. I also invite you to write to me via the Contact tab. I have more information than I have time to summarize and post, nearly all of it from Maryland (especially Prince George’s County) and Washington, DC. Keep in mind that all Magruders, in all parts of the country (and most, though not all, who use the spelling McGruder) are descended from Magruders in Maryland, so we might be able to trace your family connections back from other states to a point where it intersects with information I have or can find. I look forward to helping in any way I can–and the more detail you provide the better the odds. Full names, dates, locations, names of farms–whatever you have. I also hope to learn from you, from your research and your family stories and traditions. Once I build out this section of the site, it will include a page or pages dedicated to African American queries.

As I build this section I will also compile a private list of those who have told me they have had their DNA tested. I will not post this info (unless you ask me to), but will try to put folks in touch with each other if it looks to me like a DNA comparison might be fruitful. Again, I will make these connections only with permission of both parties. Some DNA websites provide tools for one-to-one or triangulated comparisons, in addition to the broader sweep of a one-to-all comparison.