Native Americans in early Maryland

3 comments on “Native Americans in early Maryland

  1. I saw a record that said that in 1681, Samuel’s plantation was raided by Indians and one bull was killed. I wonder what tribe that would have been?

    • susantichy says:

      Thanks, Jill. Can you tell us where you found that? Piscataways were the largest local group, but there were also Patuxents, Mattapanients, Yaocomoco, and others. If the raiders were from farther off, Susquehannas most likely. By 1681, the local groups were beginning to consolidate with each other into defensible towns and “reserves” on land now “owned” by white settlers.

  2. jillgat says:

    Mary, the owner/caretaker of Anchovie Hills, which was Alexander’s plantation (and his burial site) told me that her grandfather had a collection of arrowheads and other artifacts he found on the land. She may send me some pictures of them. She also expressed interest in having an archeologist explore the land, which would be very interesting.

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