In this family of pages I will post information on Alexander and his descendants in and near Maryland, and the social and historical conditions in which they lived. I don’t expect to venture much beyond the Chesapeake region, but if I do I’ll probably put that info on this page, too.

2 comments on “Maryland

  1. Ray Bows says:

    I am interested in information about Ida Gulick who married Dr. Alexander F. Magruder on 20 June 1901. Can you help? Thank you

    Ray Bows

    • susantichy says:

      Hi Ray. I’m sorry, but I’m not a genealogist & there are thousands of Magruder descendants. Start with the basics: search all available public records, not forgetting military, marriage, burial, & school records, as well as newspapers–they are goldmine of detail & many are now available online.

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