Wills of John Read Magruder Sr. & Jr. (& of George Lee)

Today I published info from the wills of John Read Magruder Sr (d 1811) & Jr (d 1831) under Slavery’s Legacy. Buried in there is some detail from the will of George Lee, a close family friend. There are no surnames in the lists of slaves from the two Magruder estates. The surname Gillam appears in Lee’s will, and all three documents include some family relationships among the slaves. Lee gave immediate freedom to a “yellow woman” named Letty and her son Carter, and freedom after ten years to Letty’s “yellow girl” Anna.

2 comments on “Wills of John Read Magruder Sr. & Jr. (& of George Lee)

  1. jillgat says:

    Sorry if I’m blind, but where do I find these wills on your page? Thanks, Jill

    • susantichy says:

      In the Slavery’s Legacy section, “Wills” is actually shorthand for “info on slaves in the wills and estate papers of…” I won’t be transcribing entire wills, but I do glean names, and everything I can find that relates to the transfer of slaves. I’ll consider changing my page titles. Let me know if you particularly need these wills. I may have photos of them.

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