McGruder/MacGrouther sites in Glen Artney

Well, I’m back from a summer spent 12 miles from the nearest internet, so you can expect more posts and new pages in the coming months. Jill asked if I had birth or death dates for the 16th c. McGruders in Alexander’s family tree–and the answer is no, no one does. Don McGruther and the other researchers mentioned on that page have reported the records that survive–mostly land transactions, legal proceedings, and the like. From those fragments we can make educated guesses about the the life spans of some of those named, but we can’t go any further.

So, where is Meigor, where Alexander’s uncle acquired title to land? And where is Craigneich, where we believe Alexander was raised by McGruder relatives after the death of his father…………?

I have moved this information to a new page, McGruder Sites in Glen Artney, under “Scotland,” with a couple of useful links added to help you find ’em.


4 comments on “McGruder/MacGrouther sites in Glen Artney

  1. Great! I hope that a Magruder has boy twins someday and names them Gilawnene and Gilcolinus. Very interesting stuff. Thanks.

  2. Liz O'Hara says:

    Hi Susan
    I am writing from Crieff, here to find all these places. Yesterday rode bike in Glen Artney vicinity but missed Meiggar upper and lower. Today hope to find Craigneich and Belliclone.
    Rereading your Heath IV and wishing you were along to guide me!
    Thanks and best wishes, Liz

    • susantichy says:

      Hi Liz! Sure hope you’re taking a lot of photos! The geological survey map says there are standing stones at or near Craigneich, so you might keep a look out for those. Since they aren’t famous, I’d expect them to be unmarked stones erected (and now tilting) in the ground. The farms at Meigor and Craigneich are just that–wee farms–so check out every possible one you pass, and ask locally for directions. Very locally, I mean, as in ask anyone who happens to be on the road in the vicinity. Good luck!

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