Alabama Black McGruders of Sawyerville-anthology

The Alabama Black McGruders of Sawyerville, Alabama–i.e. the descendants of Ned (1795-1853) and Moriah (1800-1880)–are putting together an anthology of the family history. The book will be published in 2021 & marketed on Amazon & elsewhere. All descendants of this family are welcome to submit obituaries, family biographies, or other information. This book builds on the work done by JR Rothstein & other family members in The Alabama Black McGruders, which was published as a downloadable PDF on this site. Also see the African-American Magruder/McGruders Facebook page, which is for ALL black Magruders/McGruders (& related surnames), not just this lineage. If you want to contribute to the book, please contact JR at jrr483(at), or Message him through the FB group.

Edited 13 Feb 2021. Because this book is nearing completion, I removed the early draft outline from this post, and the complete text of the earlier version of the book. Watch for new posts.

2 comments on “Alabama Black McGruders of Sawyerville-anthology

  1. Tammi says:

    I am the great great great granddaughter of Charles and Rachel McGruder. I was told that they had 16 children 3 girls and 13 boys. One of their daughters Minerva McGruder which is my great great grandmother married a man named Noah Burge a white man or one that was passing for white and they had 3 children together. One of those children was my great grandmother Rachel Burge. Rachel was very fair skinned and passed for white. She married a black man named Jackson Allen. They had a son named Leslie Allen which was my grandfather. She named him that because she had wanted to have a girl. My grandfather used to also go by the name of Lessie Allen or Lester Allen Sr. or Les Allen. He married a black woman by the name of Willie Mae Cain. They had 13 children and one of those children was my mother Dortha Allen.

    • susantichy says:

      Hi Tammi. How great to hear from you! Have you been in touch with JR Rothstein about this book? It is just about to go to the printer, so be quick! There is a section at the end of family members’ memories of Queen Mary Burge, who I think must have been your great-grandmother’s sister. And the book concludes with short bio profiles of descendants, and you would be one. JR is at jrr483(at)

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