3 comments on “In which battle was Alexander McGruder/Magruder captured?

  1. Michael Mills says:

    He was s captured in the Battle of Worcester, September, 1651. Alexander is my 12th generation Grandfather. His son Samuel married Sarah Mills, daughter of my 10th Gen Grandfather, William Samuel Mills. Sarah is my 9th Gen Aunt. 

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    • susantichy says:

      I know it is most often said that he was captured at Worcester, but there is no hard evidence and the timeline has fueled debate for generations. Given how many (how very many!) false beliefs about Alexander have been handed down as tradition, and still circulate online, I always try to distinguish between assertion and evidence. Hence, I give my opinion that he was probably captured at Worcester, but don’t state it as fact. Did you read the new page? As to Sarah Mills, I have asked you (& others) what evidence you have for her marriage to Samuel, beyond tradition. No one has ever provided any. If you have something, please email me. I would love to see it!

  2. Matthew Spender says:

    Here is a link to someone who is following this challenge independently:
    Dunbar rather than Worcester? Would be nice to be more certain.

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