Miss Lucille & the Alabama Black McGruders win an Emmy!

Way to go, Miss Lucille! And congratulations to everyone who took part in bringing this story to the screen, especially Juan, Marie, Gwendolyn, J.R., & Jill.

Here’s a link to those 9 Emmy-winning minutes of Soul of a Nation.

And if you’re wondering…it’s true, as Lucille’s mother said, that black McGruders in Alabama would almost certainly be related, but the caption-writers at ABC got a little carried away when they swept up nearly all black McGruders into this family. There are black Magruders & McGruders elsewhere, each with their own history to explore. Check out the two Facebook groups: Magruder/McGruder Family Genealogy & African American Magruders/McGruders. Lots of people belong to both, and everyone is welcome.

3 comments on “Miss Lucille & the Alabama Black McGruders win an Emmy!

  1. Margi Magruder says:

    Very cool! Learning about one’s ancestry is very important.

  2. jillgat says:

    Miss Lucille talked for hours and it was all recorded. Most of it didn’t make it onto the show, but they were PRICELESS stories. I so hope they saved it all. She is a family treasure!

    • susantichy says:

      I know! I’m sure you all said a lot more. Weren’t they going to pitch it to ABC for a full-length documentary? Maybe this award will put some fire under that idea.

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