Directions to Belliclone Farm

For Liz, who is cycling around Crieff and Perthshire…traveling vicariously for us all…here are directions to Belliclone Farm.

I took this this partly from memory (from two previous visits) and partly from someone else’s typed directions.

Belliclone is east of Crieff on the old Perth-Crieff road. You can come from that direction, or reach it off the A85 east of Crieff.  About 6 miles from Crieff is an unnumbered road on the right that leads in about a mile to the ruins of Inchafray Abbey. You’ll see them on your right, not very large, across a field. There’s a private house there but the owner let myself and friend in to see the ruins in ’99. His electronic gate says Inchaffray Abbey. To find Belliclone, keep going on that road past Inchaffray about 2.5 miles to a paved road, which is the old Perth-Crieff road. Turn right. There are new houses along that road, in case you have to ask directions. The typed directions say it’s about a mile from there to the Bellyclone road on the right, a private road. I recall that it was or seemed farther. Once you turn right on the Bellyclone road it will run north a short way then hook back to the right (east) and you’ll see Belliclone on the right, if new houses haven’t been built in front of it. The tenants in ’99 were reasonably friendly toward our visit. Because of the plaque placed on the house by American Magruders in ’75 they weren’t too surprised to see strangers at the gate.

If you look at the outbuildings, you’ll find a partition wall between two sections where the stonework looks markedly older than the rest. It is visible from the outside where the end of the partition wall forms part of the exterior wall. This is said to be stonework dating from Alexander Magruder’s time, though I don’t’ know how this was established, nor what kind of building it is supposed to have been.

Also nearby is Maderty Church & cemetery.

Good luck, Liz!

8 comments on “Directions to Belliclone Farm

  1. jillgat says:

    Thanks for this, Susan. Makes me really want to visit. Trying to find this on Google Maps.. I see what might be Belliclone road between A85 and what must be the old Perty Crieff road. I see a hook back east but not sure where exactly Belliclone is. Is Maderty on that same road? It looks like the church and cemetery is just southeast of where the map label for Maderty is. I think I see Inchaffray ruins, but not positive about that either. Would it be possible to post a map? Thanks again, it’s fun to explore that area via satellite, but would rather be on a bicycle.

  2. Jill Magruder Gatwood says:

    And where is Craigneich?

    • susantichy says:

      Craigneich is a bit to the west. It appears on the map snapshot I already posted. If you follow the road it’s on eastward through Craggan, you’ll be on your way to Muthill. Drummond Castle lies just north of that road, and near Muthill. Madderty is right by the Inchaffray ruins. I’ll try to make a couple more snaps of the map, including some landmarks that may help you orient to Google maps or others.

  3. jillgat says:

    and is Craigneich near here?

  4. Liz O'Hara says:

    Thank you Susan! I can report success on both expeditions. Belliclone gave me goosebumps although the farm owner seemed to be guessing about the historic portion. We shoved open the wood door marked KEEP OUT and he pointed to the wall going north south. I had expected a rubble pile by the road so was apologetic when I arrived at their door but they were most cordial. Inchaffray Abbey on the other hand had me asking several people and many goose chases and I didn’t try to ask the house owners to let me in, so took a photo from the field,much like what we see on the Internet. The ordinance map made all the difference. Photos and some kind of blog to come eventually.

  5. Jill Gatwood says:

    Where is your map snapshot, Susan? Sorry if I’m dense.. I don’t see it. Looking forward to seeing pics and more about your trip, Liz!

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