Your comments & a new year

Well, it’s a new year, with all its resolutions…. but I still have only a little time to devote to Magruder’s Landing. Thanks to all who have encouraged me to continue. I will! I HAVE had time for some new research, and will add that to the list of topics pending.

I was surprised when I got the year-end summary by how many people have come to this site–several hundred, though few have left any trace of themselves behind.

And speaking of that…I just found out by browsing through the comments, as stored on the web provider, that I haven’t been receiving emails every time someone posts a comment. That’s how it’s supposed to work, and sometimes it does…. So if you didn’t see your comment appear, and I didn’t respond, I hereby apologize. I have just approved the ones I missed, and will start checking regularly to make sure I’m on top of it.


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