New info from Duncan McGruther re: McGruthers of Meigor & the first McGruders/McCrues in Ultster

A new missive from Scottish researcher Duncan McGruther:

I have recently confirmed some information that was not available to me when I wrote my book MacGrouthers in Scotland to 1855, and feel I am in a position to make some reasoned speculation on the source of the McGruthers of Meigor wealth. In 1620 the McGruder family, tenants in Innerclair alias Wester Craigneich, acquired the lands of Meigor near Comrie, Perthshire. In an era when it was almost unheard of for any tenants to acquire land, they became the first McGruther landowners in Scotland. The date is intriguing. Around this time the Dukes of Perth family became one of the ‘Undertakers’ in what is now Northern Ireland of a scheme to populate the land there with Scottish and English tenants – the Plantation of Ulster. Scottish Perthshire names begin appearing from then on in Ulster, including John McCrue, father and son, whose ancestors’ written testimony speculates their name was derived from McGruder.
Thus, the Drummonds of Perth, to curry favour with the King (whose Scheme was the Plantation of Ulster) undertook to supply tenants for Ireland. The McGruders supplied their junior family members, but extracted Meigor in Scotland as their price. The McGruders who moved to Northern Ireland themselves got 9000 acres of land. The Source of the McGruder/McCrue name is thus Perthshire, and there is no separate Irish McGruder (or variations thereof) name.
This may explain why, since [my] book was published in 2007, no Ulster McGruder/Magruder/etc has come forward.

2 comments on “New info from Duncan McGruther re: McGruthers of Meigor & the first McGruders/McCrues in Ultster

  1. Thanks for the information from your publication. For a story I’m writing I chose the name McGruder and wanted to be sure this family branch emigrated to Boston, MA, from Ireland. This was helpful.
    Leslie Getty
    Publishing under the pen name L. Alegra Lee

  2. Mike says:

    There is or was a cluster of rural McGroders just north of Carrickmacross, Monaghan, Ireland; perhaps they were an independent plantation from Scotland, as most were RC.

    Many immigrated to Iowa, Illinois, and several other places in the USA , Durham UK & Australia ; it might be a variant name of the McGregors ? Or McGrother .
    Some fought on both the confederate and union sides like many Irish in America. Some in the USA changed the spellings to ‘McGruder’ and black or Afro-Americans took the name ‘Magruder’ as the main variants .

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